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Multiple Myeloma from a Nordic Perspective

A podcast by Janssen

Multiple Myeloma from a Nordic perspective with Dr. Annette Vangsted. Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen. A podcast by Janssen.

Treating myeloma patients: best treatment first, or save it for later?

With new innovative treatments becoming available, the way myeloma is perceived as a disease is changing. It has opened up the conversation on whether myeloma could become a chronic disease, or even curable in the future.

However this paradigm shift also raise questions on whether to use new treatment early on, or keeping them to use in later lines.

Listen to our third podcast in which Dr. Annette Vangsted talks about her perspective on how to treat multiple myeloma patients, and how to think about using new treatments and when.

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Multiple Myeloma from a Nordic perspective with Dr. Fredrik Schjesvold Oslo Myeloma Center at Oslo University. A podcast by Janssen.

An expanding Nordic platform advancing Multiple Myeloma studies and treatment

There is growing optimism that multiple myeloma is on its way to become a chronic disease. The improving survival rate is partly attributed to the efforts of physicians like Dr. Fredrik Schjesvold from the Oslo Myeloma Center at Oslo University Hospital.

Listen to our new podcast as Dr. Schjesvold describes his efforts to build an infrastructure that will make Norway an attractive partner for early phase studies, and the progress that is being made to predict how well patients respond to treatment and the ability to identify the best, least toxic treatment option.

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Multiple Myeloma from a Nordic perspective with Dr. Ulf-Henrik Mellqvist Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset. A podcast by Janssen.

Advances, possibilities and challenges in MM treatments

Sit back and listen to Ulf-Henrik Mellqvist talking about the significant developments in the field of multiple myeloma treatment. MM is known as a disease of the ‘elderly’. But today, that term is up for discussion with many of the patients being fit for their age and requiring a treatment that complies with an active lifestyle. What do the new possibilities mean for patients and doctors? And why should young doctors looking to specialize go into hematology?

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